Ann Arbor Film Festival Michael Moore Award Winners at Traverse City Film Festival

August 02nd, 2012 3:00pm
Old Town Playhouse, Traverse City, MI
Tickets on sale 7/21/12

In honor of the 50th AAFF the Traverse City Film Festival presents three recent winners of the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film: a city symphony on the crazed pace of modern China’s urbanization, a view onto a remote island off the Peruvian coast where workers harvest the droppings of thousands of birds once every 11 years, and a portrait of life in a region of northern Russia that is still contending with the debris from hydrogen bomb testing.

Disorder (Xianshi Shi Guoqu De Weilai) Weikai Huang | 2009 | China | 58 min.

Guañape Sur János Richter | 2010 | Italy, Peru | 24 min.

On the Third Planet from the Sun Pavel Medvedev | 2006 | Russia | 32 min.

Tickets on sale July 21, 2012

Posted on July 15th, 2012