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The AAFF would like to thank all of our major donors for their dedication in helping fulfill our mission throughout the past 50 years.

Alec and Judy Allen
, Bruce Baker and Genie Wolfson
, Constance Crump and Jay Simrod, Cynthia Nicely, John Johnston and Mary Cronin, Josh Pokempner, Judith Kazis, Ken Burns, Larry Skiles
, Lawrence Kasdan
, Mark Evans, Martha Darling and Gil Omenn, Matthew Graff and Leslie Lawther, Michael Moore
, Myrna Rugg and Richard Cronn, Peter and Rita Heydon, Ron and Robin Sober, Russ Collins and Deb Polich, The DeVarti Family
, Sam Raimi, Steve Warrington and Courtney Mandryk Warrington, Tamara Real, 
Ted Kennedy
, Wendy Lawson
, 630 Club

Thank you to all of our AAFF members:

Alec and Judy Allen, John WC Baird , Bruce Baker and Genie Wolfson, Jim Roll and Ruth Bardenstein , Eric Bassey, Kathy and Steve Bergman, Cynthia and Joel Blum , Nancy Brucken , Anthony Byram , Dennis J. Carter, Cezanne Charles, Clark Charnetski , Ellen and Hubert Cohen , Thomas Cook , Joanna Courteau , Constance Crump and Jay Simrod, Gil Omenn and Martha Darling , Michele DeLia , David Devarti and Ellen Rabinowitz, Susan Dise, Diana Raimi and John Dryden , Barbara Murphy and Gavin Eadie , Robert Einfeldt, Lyn Elliot , Mark Evans and Ruth Bradstreet, Sacha Feirstein, David Gilbertson, Deborah S. Greer , Peter Howell , Phillip A. Hughes , John Johnson and Mary Cronin , Lawrence Kasdan, Judith A. Kazis , Theodore Kennedy , Sean Kenny, Shira and Steve Klein , Molly Kleinman and Pieter Kleymeer , Deborah Koons-Garcia, Matthew and Sonam Krichbaum, Wendy Lawson , Shawna Jo Lee , Joan Lowenstein, George Fisher and Kari Magill, Thomas and Lisa McKarns , Robert and Jim McKinley, Leland D Meister Austin , Daniel Menzo , Jeff Meyers , Barry Miller and Enid Wasserman, Michael Moore , Mary Morgan, Eli Neiburger, Lisa Nichols, Vivek Palavali , Kostas Pappas , Jennifer Proctor , Tamara Real , Theresa Reid , Myrna Jean Rugg and Richard Cronn , Jeffery Sabatini Anna Sampson and Daniel Herbert . Jay and Susan Sandweiss , Mark Schreier, Judith Schwartz, Catherine Smillie , Patti Smith , Cory Snavely, Robin and Ron Sober , Barbara Kessler and Dick Soble , Nicholas J. Stanley and Rebecca Lopez Kriss, David W Stockman, Doug Stratton , Christina Tabaczka , Rosalyn Tulip , Gary Vartanoff, Courtney Mandryk Warrington and Steve Warrington, Jackie Wright, Lynn Yates

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Thank you especially to the Michigan Theater for providing a beautiful screening venue for our films.