Sílvia das Fadas

Sílvia das Fadas is an experimental filmmaker, an independent researcher of Cinema Studies, a projectionist and cinephile. Born in Portugal in 1983, she studied cinema and aesthetics, committing herself to the material learning of film at ANIM (The Portuguese Moving Image Archive)
and the Portuguese Cinematheque in Lisbon. Driven by a militant nostalgia, she moved to Los Angeles where she continues to craft her personal films in 16mm, at the California Institute of the Arts. Among her films are Romance Noir (2008), Imorredoira (2008), The Book of Natural Magic (2011), Apanhar Laranjas / Picking Oranges (2012) and Square Dance, Los Angeles County, California, 2013

Square Dance, Los Angeles County, California, 2013

(Sílvia das Fadas, 2013)

The people are what is not there yet, never in the right place, never ascribable to the place and time where anxieties and dreams await. -Jacques Rancière  ...