Leighton Pierce

Pierce has participated in the AAFF since 1981 showing 16mm films, videos, and a large multichannel installation. Pierce’s work has also been exhibited in major art museums and film festivals throughout the world including The Whitney Biennial; the Sundance, San Francisco, New York, Tribeca, and Rotterdam film festivals. Pierce headed the University of Iowa Film Production program, chaired Pratt Institute’s Film department, and served as Acting Dean of Pratt’s School of Art and Design. Pierce will continue his commitment to innovative film and video education when he assumes the Deanship of the School of Film/Video at CalArts in July 2014.


White Ash

(Leighton Pierce, 2013)

White Ash is an inexorable dive into edges of consciousness. Grounded in recognizable images and sounds captured from reality, White Ash is designed to scrape through the patina of normal...