Joshua Gen Solondz

Joshua Gen Solondz is a film/media artist and musician.

He’s shown work at venues including MOMA, Light Industry, UnionDocs, and the Harvard Film Archive. Josh has also screened at festivals such as the Lima Independent Film Festival, Onion City, videodumbo, Chicago Underground, and the Toronto Film Festival. Josh received awards from the 2012 Black Maria Film Festival, the 2013 Ann Arbor Film Festival and the 2013 New Orleans Film Festival. In 2014, Josh shared a joint show with Peter Watkins at Heliopolis Gallery entitled ZERO LAND.

Josh attended Bard College and is an MFA candidate at CalArts. He lives in Los Angeles.

Prisoner’s Cinema

(Joshua Gen Solondz, 2012)

It has been widely reported that prisoners confined to dark cells often see brilliant light displays, which is sometimes called the 'prisoner's cinema.' ... The brain contains many (perhaps an infinite number) of feedback...