Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Ivan Ladislav Galeta (1947–2014) was a Croatian artist, cinematographer and film director.

A pioneer in Croatian multimedia art, he graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb (1967), earning a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Teacher Training (1969) and Pedagogy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb (1981). He co-founded Croatia’s multimedia first center, the MM-Centar for Film/Video/Multimedia in 1977, which he led until 1990 and introduced the study of animation (2000) and new media studies (2004) at the Academy of Fine Arts (www.alu.hr) in Zagreb where he lectured.

He made experimental films from 1968 and videos starting 1975 such as TV Ping Pong (1976–1978), Two Times in one Space (1976/1984), sfaĩra 1985–1895 (1984) and Water Pulu 1869 1896 (1987/1988). His work exhibited since 1973 comprises objects-installations, photography installations, video and television works, sound installations, texts, spatial interventions, environmental projects and actions.

He founded and led the art house cinema Filmoteka 16 in 1993. He received various distinctions such as Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres from France in 2004. He also received the highest State Award of Lifetime Achievement in the field of visual arts in Croatia. - Iulia Blaga



sfaÍra 1985–1895

(Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1971/1984)

sfaÍra (1985-1895) is dedicated to Pythagoras and Plato and is an homage to two of Galeta’s favorite spheroids: the Earth and the Sun. The protagonist, as we are informed by...