Elise Florenty

Integrating film, video, exhibition, publication and curation, the Berlin artist duo Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky have been exploring various states of the multiplicity of the self through different expressions and metamorphoses.

Working as a duo since 2005, their practice of wandering from one geography to the other often draws attention towards the manifestation of the irrational, the survival of fabulations and the mechanisms of resistance, from the Old to the New World. They have done art residencies worldwide and presented their work internationally at art institutions and filmfestivals.


A Short Organon For The Hero

(Elise FlorentyMarcel T├╝rkowsky, 2012)

A story told through the eyes of a parrot. He alone remembers the metamorphosis of the modern figure of the Anti-Hero Anonymous. The narrative is deconstructed into areas of color,...