Abigail Child

Abigail Child is an award-winning writer and artist who has been at the forefront of experimental film and poetry since the 1980s, having completed more than thirty film and video works and installations, and over 5 books. An acknowledged innovator in montage, Child’s film addresses the interplay between sound and image in the context of reshaping narrative tropes, prefiguring many contemporary and future media concerns. Her recent art includes multi-screen installations and an experimental feature film UNBOUND, Scenes from the Life of Mary Shelley. Her new book of collected poems, Mouth to Mouth is forthcoming from Eoagh Press.


ELSA merdelamerdelamer

(Abigail Child, 2013)

Abigail Child’s short, ELSA merdelamerdelamer, is a smoky, punky and sexy chapter in the collectively made Feminist bio-drama,The Baroness, about the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. Inspired by an event that...