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White Ash

(Leighton Pierce, 2013, 30 min)

White Ash is an inexorable dive into edges of consciousness. Grounded in recognizable
images and sounds captured from reality, White Ash is designed to scrape through the patina
of normal perception, leading to an embodied associational state—something “to the side” of
narratives and perceptions.

Pierce meticulously weaves the warp and weft of image and sound leading the viewer into a conscious meditative state. Shooting and then animating thousands of moving camera, handheld, long exposure, digital photographs into articulations of real spaces and events, Pierce then re-articulates the video by applying the lever of a judiciously composed musique-concrète soundtrack.


World Premiere, Video

Directed by Leighton Pierce


Wednesday, March 26 4:30pm

“Gradual Speed” screening w/ “White Ash”

Gradual Speed, the latest 16mm film from Brussels-based artist Els Van Riel, is an austere meditation on movement, matter, light and perception. Screening with White Ash, the most recent digital

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)