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(Shelly Silver, 2013, 68 min)

After 50 years away, a gay man returns to his old neighborhood – New York City's Chinatown -- to care for his dying mother. Like him, the city has changed and yet the past still haunts his familiar streets. Touch is a poignant and lyrical video diary, a tapestry of vérité camerawork, stolen moments and probing observations, challenging the manner in which we engage with the communities that created us and how we embrace and chronicle images of the everyday.  -Bradford Nordeen, Outfest



Directed by Shelly Silver


Saturday, March 29 7:00pm


In Shelly Silver’s most recent film, a man returns after fifty years to Chinatown in order to care for his dying mother. He is a librarian, a gay man, something

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)