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sfaÍra 1985–1895

(Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1971/1984, 9 min)

Historic Film

sfaÍra (1985-1895) is dedicated to Pythagoras and Plato and is an homage to two of Galeta’s favorite spheroids: the Earth and the Sun. The protagonist, as we are informed by the title sequence, is a sculpture named Earthbound Sun and the film’s photography, a stunning example of optical printing techniques, shows his affection for both. With sfaÍra,  Galeta  delivers a pictorial and literary Maximalism, in a way that only cinema can do but had not been done before. -Vassily Bourikas

Print courtesy of Zagreb Film.


Directed by Ivan Ladislav Galeta


Thursday, March 27 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

Experimental, documentary and animated films including new works by Helena Wittmann, Joshua Gen Solondz (awarded Best Animation at 51st AAFF), Karen Yasinksy, Charlotte Pryce, Paul Clipson, Rebecca Meyers, and Ben

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)