Sea Series #9 » Ann Arbor Film Festival

Sea Series #9

(John Price, 2013, 3 min)

The fragility of diary entries, combined with the tireless observation of the shore’s many different moods and slow transformations. In this series, Price combines two close things: family and the sea. He films one motif and re-exposes the film a second time, sometimes several years later. These multiple expositions emphasize the situations’ placement within a never-ending flow. -Andrea Slovakova

35mm, Silent

Directed by John Price


Wednesday, March 26 7:15pm

Films in Competition 1

A program of experimental and documentary films including Sea Series #9 & 13 by John Price, Akram Zaatari’s film essay Letter to a Refusing Pilot, the North American premiere of

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)