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Prisoner’s Cinema

(Joshua Gen Solondz, 2012, 10 min)

It has been widely reported that prisoners confined to dark cells often see brilliant light displays, which is sometimes called the 'prisoner's cinema.' ... The brain contains many (perhaps an infinite number) of feedback loops. One of these involves a pathway between a part of the frontal lobe of the brain, which extends through the cingulate gyrus, caudate nucleus and down to the thalamus. This particular pathway is associated with the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is involved in many biological processes, including those of depression and sleep. -Salvatore Cullari

I hand spliced this project until my computer crashed. It should induce alpha and delta states, the brain states of the hyper aware and the comatose. For my mother.


Directed by Joshua Gen Solondz


Thursday, March 27 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

Experimental, documentary and animated films including new works by Helena Wittmann, Joshua Gen Solondz (awarded Best Animation at 51st AAFF), Karen Yasinksy, Charlotte Pryce, Paul Clipson, Rebecca Meyers, and Ben

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)