Portrait » Ann Arbor Film Festival


(Sergei Loznitsa, 2002, 28 min)

Portrait consists of what at first appear to be photographs of Russian farmers. But as we watch the carefully composed scenes, small details in the background begin to catch our eye...  Occasionally someone shifts their weight, or turns slightly, or blinks... [A] thoughtful meditation on man and nature, city and country, old Russia and new... Portrait is provocative exactly because it plays with the artifices of traditional portraiture, of iconic ‘peasants‘.” -Slavic Review


Directed by Sergei Loznitsa


Friday, March 28 12:30pm

Juror Presentation: Jeremy Rigsby

Archaic Beasts, God's Asshole and Other Ideas of the Previous Century Presented and curated by Jeremy Rigsby and Oona Mosna, Program Directors of the Media City Film Festival. Media City

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)