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Olivia’s Place

(Thom Andersen, 1966/1974, 6 min)

“On Sunday, January 16, 1966, we shot 200 ft. of 16mm Kodak Ektachrome MS film, type 7256, at OLIVIA’S PLACE, 2618 Main Street, Santa Monica, California. We shot with a static camera, mounted on a tripod, using only available light. A recording of THERE IS SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND by Big Jay McNeely and his band, with vocal by Little Sonny, was on the jukebox then. The Harlem Globetrotters and TOKYO JOE, starring Humphrey Bogart, were on TV that afternoon.”  — Thom Andersen, John Moore.

This text appears as a title at the beginning of Olivia’s Place. In 1970 or 1971, Bill Norton filmed a scene for Cisco Pike there. Olivia’s Place was also the inspiration for the song “Soul Kitchen” by The Doors. It was demolished in 1972 or 1973 as part of a redevelopment project that turned Santa Monica’s Main Street into a boulevard of expensive shops and restaurants (including restaurants owned by Wolfgang Puck and Arnold Schwarzenegger).



Filmmaker in Attendance, 16mm

Directed by Thom Andersen


Wednesday, March 26 9:15pm

Thom Andersen: Films 1964–2014

The first of a five program complete retrospective of the work of Los Angeles based filmmaker Thom Andersen. This program will feature six short films, featuring newly restored prints of

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)