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Musical Recordings from the Realm of the Dead

(Troy Morgan, 2013, 5 min)


Four separate individuals at the dawn of wireless technology become accidental collaborators in a musical composition that is pieced together through radio waves.This meditation on the creative process reflects on the outcome of our individual endeavors and suggests that it is impossible to be aware of what our work ultimately will become once it is released from our hands. Focusing on the sound design as the main character, this fictionalized journey through early radio explores the subtle changes that occur as a song travels from person to person through new technologies. The traveling sound moves through space, evolving, morphing, and letting go of its origin, in the same manner as a modern Internet meme, giving a brief insight into the unexpected uses and cultural manifestations that occur within modern telecommunications. -TM

World Premiere, Video

Directed by Troy Morgan


Saturday, March 29 11:00am

Films in Competition 5 (Ages 6+)

Documentary, animated and short narrative films including the World Premieres of films by Gina Kamentsky, Shannon Lee, and Troy Morgan; with the North American premiere of FFF1 by Marcin Giżycki.

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)