Melting » Ann Arbor Film Festival


(Thom Andersen, 1965, 6 min)

"Melting is remarkable for its alluding to a forgotten history and its prescience of history to come. … Thirty-odd years after Bataille announced the informe, and thirty-two years before Bois and Krauss brought the informe back from history, and before Bois characterized melting [as the entropic activity par excellence], Thom made his film. What Thom … calls the sundae's passage from edibility to waste perfectly embodies the entropic. … What once could have been eaten now cannot. Waste is something that nothing more can be made of; it has no further use." - Morgan Fisher; edited by Mark Toscano


Directed by Thom Andersen


Wednesday, March 26 9:15pm

Thom Andersen: Films 1964–2014

The first of a five program complete retrospective of the work of Los Angeles based filmmaker Thom Andersen. This program will feature six short films, featuring newly restored prints of

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)