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Let Us Persevere In What We Have Resolved Before We Forget

(Ben Russell, 2013, 20 min)

"We are happy. (Silence.) What do we do now, now that we are happy?" -Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

"John Frum prophesied the occurrence of a cataclysm in which Tanna would become flat, the volcanic mountains would fall and fill the river-beds to form fertile plains, and Tanna would be joined to the neighbouring islands of Eromanga and Aneityum to form a new island. Then John Frum would reveal himself, bringing in a reign of bliss, the natives would get back their youth and there would be no sickness; there would be no need to care for gardens, trees or pigs. The Whites would go; John Frum would set up schools to replace mission schools, and would pay chiefs and teachers." -Peter Worsley, The Trumpet Shall Sound: a study of cargo cults in Melanesia

16mm on Video

Directed by Ben Russell


Thursday, March 27 9:30pm

Films in Competition 3

Experimental, documentary and animated films including new works by Helena Wittmann, Joshua Gen Solondz (awarded Best Animation at 51st AAFF), Karen Yasinksy, Charlotte Pryce, Paul Clipson, Rebecca Meyers, and Ben

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)