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Lagos Sand Merchants

(Karimah Ashadu, 2013, 9.5 min)

Lagos Sand Merchants focuses on a group of ‘Sand Merchants’ on the outskirts of Lagos, arduously trawling the Lagos State Lagoon and unearthing sand deep from the river bed for the construction industry.

The film is led by the ‘Rotate 2 Mechanism (Drumroll)’ – a dynamic revolving device that challenges spatial perception. As the mechanism is actioned, the moving image lurches towards the ground and comes back up again, as if surfacing for air.

The mechanism becomes a mirror for the task – producing a rhythmic quality that reflects the monotonous yet poetic relationship between the merchants and the lagoon.

World Premiere, Video

Directed by Karimah Ashadu


Saturday, March 29 2:59pm

Films in Competition 8

New experimental and documentary films including the World Premiere of Lagos Sand Merchants by Karimah Ashadu, Fresno by Leandro Listorti and sound that by Kevin Jerome Everson. Filmmakers in attendance:

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)