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Hats Off to Hollywood

(Penelope Spheeris, 1972, 22 min)

Picking up the story first presented in I Don’t Know, Hats Off to Hollywood brazenly and brilliantly mixes documentary reality with fully staged recreations/reimaginings of episodes in the lives of Jimmy/Jennifer and Dana, a loving, bickering couple who challenge the notion of homonormativity.  Drugs, poverty, disease, bigotry, and prostitution all figure into this disarmingly candid and often hilarious film, a remarkable work that is the apotheosis of Spheeris’s early work, and a luminous signpost leading directly to The Decline of Western Civilization.

Filmmaker in Attendance, 16mm

Directed by Penelope Spheeris


Thursday, March 27 9:15pm

Penelope Spheeris: Films 1968–1998

A program of short independent films by Penelope Spheeris, who will be in attendance. The program includes her early films I Don’t Know and Hats Off to Hollywood, which screened

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)