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(Leandro Listorti, 2014, 3 min)

In Norse mythology, the World Tree Yggdrasil is commonly held to be an ash tree (Fraxinus). The Norsemen had a very peculiar worldview, where space was not unique nor continuous, and the universe was made up of different worlds, where they could destroy each world and create new ones. Amid the turmoil, Yggdrasil, always remains immovable, protecting those who are saved from the cataclysms, to populate a new world. Fresno shows one year in the life of one of these trees.

World Premiere, 16mm, Silent

Directed by Leandro Listorti


Saturday, March 29 2:59pm

Films in Competition 8

New experimental and documentary films including the World Premiere of Lagos Sand Merchants by Karimah Ashadu, Fresno by Leandro Listorti and sound that by Kevin Jerome Everson. Filmmakers in attendance:

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)