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Erwin, Toni, Ilse

(Friedl vom Gröller, 1969, 9 min)

“Thematically, Friedl vom Gröller (Kubelka)‘ s films are closely related to her photographic works, which are portraits. In 1968 she began working with film, producing her first sketch of three individuals. The three protagonists appear in various aquatic environments in Vienna, at the Danube Canal or the Danube River itself. The final passages herald [her] later approach: the film portrait, which dispenses with language and plot.” -Hemma Schmutz


Directed by Friedl vom Gröller


Friday, March 28 12:30pm

Juror Presentation: Jeremy Rigsby

Archaic Beasts, God's Asshole and Other Ideas of the Previous Century Presented and curated by Jeremy Rigsby and Oona Mosna, Program Directors of the Media City Film Festival. Media City

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)