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(Margaret Rorison, 2013, 3 min)

A document of my extensive walks taken throughout the city of Berlin, during the cold days of April 1-7, 2013. The film is edited in camera and composed of single frame snapshots along with longer moments of glance, captured on one 100’ roll of film. The soundtrack incorporates field recordings from these walks, as well as a handmade beat sequencer and electromagnetic pickups capturing the engine of a 16mm projector. The title comes from a story by Robert Walser.



Directed by Margaret Rorison


Saturday, March 29 2:59pm

Films in Competition 8

New experimental and documentary films including the World Premiere of Lagos Sand Merchants by Karimah Ashadu, Fresno by Leandro Listorti and sound that by Kevin Jerome Everson. Filmmakers in attendance:

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)