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Creme 21

(Eve Heller, 2013, 10 min)


The stars are going haywire. A vision of heavenly bodies in wild disarray. Assembled out of found moving images procured from old features and educational movies, Heller’s film begins and ends with a tunnel vision of outer space. From the suspended state of an astronaut we return to earth, fleeting shadows animate rooms, a slime-covered man is raised to his feet. Two eyes open hesitantly; we see how they begin to see. After the silent black and white prologue, sound and color are tuned in. Brief fragments of music and spoken commentary are strung together in the form of a cut-up, accompanied by the soft audio clicks of close to a thousand tape-spliced edit points – a symphony of shattered sentences and synthetic/exotic sound collages. - Stefan Grissemann

16mm on Video

Directed by Eve Heller


Saturday, March 29 9:30pm

Films in Competition 10

New experimental, documentary, and animated films including the World Premiere of Sea of Vapors by Sylvia Schedelbauer and Broken Tongue by Mónica Savirón.  Filmmakers in attendance: Mónica Savirón, Mike Stoltz, Sarah J. Christman, Sylvia

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)