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Cold Open

(Seamus Harahan, 2013, 12 min)

Six scenes recorded over one year in the vicinity of the Waterworks (Queen Mary's Park), in north Belfast; with Harahan interested in a “making that ‘is’ about looking, recording before thought, the visual consequence of an absent minded gaze in response to the world; locating yourself, locating others – mapping emotional and intellectual spaces, being part of the moving mass; the accumulation of meanings in the dislocation of the familiar, where narratives recede in the minutae of gesture and sound.”


Directed by Seamus Harahan


Saturday, March 29 11:00am

Films in Competition 6

New experimental, documentary and narrative films, featuring the World Premier of Sleeping District by Tinne Zenner and Certain Things by Mark Toscano; also featuring the Senegalese film Mille Soleils by

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)