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(Joseph Bernard, 1977, 18 min)

Significantly pivotal, this early experiment shot with a flawed camera, made editing manipulation indispensable, even desirable. The first & last images are of a portion/ detail of “Chamber” -- a 1970, 40”x30” decal-on-glass and  mirror painting of mine that, like the film, reflects its surroundings. The film’s title takes into account other meanings and implications of the word ‘chamber’, i.e., of the heart, core, intimate music, prison, camera, room, gun part (both empty & loaded).

Filmmaker in Attendance, Super 8, Silent

Directed by Joseph Bernard


Wednesday, March 26 7:00pm

Joseph Bernard: Super 8 Films

Joseph Bernard, a Detroit-based artist schooled in painting, worked exclusively with Super 8mm silent films for ten years beginning in the late 1970s. He made over 100 films during this

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)