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Boston Fire

(Peter Hutton, 1979, 8 min)

Boston Fire finds grandeur in smoke rising eloquently from a city blaze... The beautiful texture of the smoke coupled with the isolation from the source of the fire erases the destructive impact of the event. The camera, lost in the immense dark clouds, produces images for meditation removed from the causes or consequences of the scene. The tiny firemen, seen as distant silhouettes, gaze in awe, helpless before nature’s power.” -Leger Grindon, Millennium Film Journal


Directed by Peter Hutton


Friday, March 28 12:30pm

Juror Presentation: Jeremy Rigsby

Archaic Beasts, God's Asshole and Other Ideas of the Previous Century Presented and curated by Jeremy Rigsby and Oona Mosna, Program Directors of the Media City Film Festival. Media City

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)