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A Spell to Ward off the Darkness

(Ben Rivers, Ben Russell, 98 min)

A Spell to Ward off the Darkness follows a single character at three disparate moments in his life: alone
in the wilderness of Northern Finland, as one member of a 15-person collective on a small Estonian
island, and as the singer of a neo-pagan black metal band in Norway. Taken as a whole, these three
moments signal a radical proposition for the creation of utopia in the present.

Starring musician Robert AA Lowe (Lichens, Om) and co-directed by artists Ben Rivers (UK) and Ben
Russell (USA), A Spell to Ward off the Darkness lies somewhere between fiction and non-fiction - it is
at once a record of experience and an experience unto itself, an inquiry into transcendence that
envisions the cinema as a site for profound transformation.

Director Ben Russell and actor Robert AA Lowe will be in attendance.

Directed by Ben Rivers , Ben Russell


Friday, March 28 11:00pm

Lichens Live Performance

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe records and performs under the name of Lichens. He has released several recordings on the Kranky and Type music labels and has performed in the bands

Performance Network Theater

Friday, March 28 7:00pm

“A Spell to Ward off the Darkness”

Ben Rivers and Ben Russell’s collaborative film A Spell to Ward off the Darkness follows an unnamed character (musician Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) through three seemingly disparate moments in his life.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)