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15/67 TV

(Kurt Kren, 1967, 4 min)

“... [T]his film involves the audience in a conceptual and reflexive process. Five short sequences are all shot from the same viewpoint in a quay-side café... Each shot, containing some small movement, is repeated in the film twenty-one times, in mathematically determined order... The significance does not lie in the mathematical sequences as such, but in how the viewer attempts to decipher the structure... The nature of the similarities between the images and motion is such that the reflexive mode of the viewer is taken through a number of distinguishable phases, as first the images themselves are recognized and defined, then remembered, then their sequence noted and compared via memory.” -Malcolm LeGrice, Abstract Film and Beyond


Directed by Kurt Kren


Friday, March 28 12:30pm

Juror Presentation: Jeremy Rigsby

Archaic Beasts, God's Asshole and Other Ideas of the Previous Century Presented and curated by Jeremy Rigsby and Oona Mosna, Program Directors of the Media City Film Festival. Media City

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)