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Fri, March 28, 4:00pm

Thom Andersen: “Red Hollywood”

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Remastered and re-edited, Thom Andersen and Noël Burch's revelatory 1996 documentary about films made by "Red" Hollywood—screenwriters and directors who were communists, ex-communists, or sympathizers named by the House Un-American Activities Committee—offers a radically different perspective on a key period of American film history. An elaboration of Andersen's 1985 essay of the same name, the film draws on extensive research by the filmmakers, as well as interviews with some of the blacklisted artists and clips from 53 films spanning numerous genres, bringing to light a mostly forgotten canon of works that raised challenging questions about war, race relations, class solidarity, women's labor, and even the studio system itself.  -Lucy Raven

Sponsored by University of Michigan Screen Arts & Cultures

Films Showing:

Red Hollywood

(Thom Andersen, Noël Burch, 1996) 114 min

Made in collaboration with Noël Burch, the video Red Hollywood is one product of Andersen’s years of research into the Hollywood blacklist, a larger project that comprises several essays and...