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Wed, March 26, 9:15pm

Thom Andersen: Films 1964–2014

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

The first of a five program complete retrospective of the work of Los Angeles based filmmaker Thom Andersen. This program will feature six short films, featuring newly restored prints of his earliest works Melting (1965), Olivia’s Place (1966), and --- ------ (aka The Rock And Roll Film) (1967); and concluding with Get Out of the Car (2010) and his most recent film Hey, Asshole! (2014).

Films Showing:

Act Without Words

(Thom Andersen, 1964) 6 min

Thom Andersen's earliest extant film is an adaptation of a Beckett play made at USC. Print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive....


(Thom Andersen, 1965) 6 min

"Melting is remarkable for its alluding to a forgotten history and its prescience of history to come. … Thirty-odd years after Bataille announced the informe, and thirty-two years before Bois...

Olivia’s Place

(Thom Andersen, 1966/1974) 6 min

“On Sunday, January 16, 1966, we shot 200 ft. of 16mm Kodak Ektachrome MS film, type 7256, at OLIVIA’S PLACE, 2618 Main Street, Santa Monica, California. We shot with a...

—-———(aka The Rock And Roll Film)

(Thom Andersen, Malcom Brodwick, 1967) 11 min

A documentary about rock 'n' roll. The Canned Heat, City Lights, Seeds of Time, LA Tymes, Llyn Foulkes, Charlie Watts, Chris & Craig, Duke of Earl, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, The Trip,...

Get Out of the Car

(Thom Andersen, 2010) 35 min

Get Out of the Car is a response to my last movie, Los Angeles Plays Itself.  [...] It began as simply a study of weather-worn billboards around Los Angeles. The title...

Hey, Asshole!

(Thom Andersen, 2014) 5 min

“While re-mastering Los Angles Plays Itself, I re-edited a number of clips, including The Takeover (Troy Cook, 1995), a grungy, sordid straight-to-video film remarkable only because executive producer Michael Woods...