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Wed, March 26, 3:00pm

Music Videos in Competition

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

New music videos by Lori Felker, Ben Russell, Sabrina Ratté, Emily Pelstring, Melika Bass, Ian Cheng and others featuring the music of Implodes, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Tim Hecker, Julia Holter, Sigur Ros, Liars Demdike Stare, Wolf Eyes and more.

Filmmakers in attendance: Melika Bass, Lori Felker, Kelly Gallagher, Joel Rakowski, and Katie Barkel.

Sponsored by WQKL 107.1

Community Partner:  Neutral Zone


Films Showing:

Varðeldur by Sigur Rós

(Melika Bass, 2012) 6.5 min

A film portrait of an unstable entity in a haunted vessel, drawn into and floating away from a siren song. -MB One of a dozen international films commissioned by Icelandic...

Scattered in the Wind by Implodes

(Lori Felker, 2013) 5.5 min

Chicago, 2009 – A cemetery as a crime scene.  Hundreds of graves in a historic cemetery had been ripped up in order to resell the plots.  Human remains were displaced,...

Brats by Liars

(Ian Cheng, 2012) 3 min