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Wed, March 26, 7:00pm

Joseph Bernard: Super 8 Films

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

Joseph Bernard, a Detroit-based artist schooled in painting, worked exclusively with Super 8mm silent films for ten years beginning in the late 1970s. He made over 100 films during this period before returning to collage painting. This program features a selection from his extensive body of film work, “film-as-film abstractions, non-narrative efforts more closely akin to absolute music.”

Community Partner:  MOCAD

Films Showing:


(Joseph Bernard, 1977) 18 min

Significantly pivotal, this early experiment shot with a flawed camera, made editing manipulation indispensable, even desirable. The first & last images are of a portion/ detail of “Chamber” -- a...


(Joseph Bernard, 1978) 6 min

Beyond much single frame shooting, Icon allowed the use of cropped stencil letters as abstractions and the idea of bringing other painting tools and sensibilities to film....


(Joseph Bernard, 1979) 3 min

A 50’ roll of film edited in camera; a small gem with timing & lap dissolves that were truly a gift....

Semblance: Frampton Brakhage Relation

(Joseph Bernard, 1981) 6 min

A simplistic analogy of obvious disparities between these two masters that I concocted on the beach in Provincetown. As a disclaimer: my filmed comparisons relating H.F. & S.B. should in...

Night Mix

(Joseph Bernard, 1982) 13 min

This particular one carries a broad filmmaking vocabulary and was a response to a “still vs motion” picture debate between a photographer friend and myself. It was highly altered with...

Drawings On Africa

(Joseph Bernard, 1981) 2 min

Totally under-exposed 35mm slides of African maps were provided to be drawn on by a 10 and a 12 year old. The slides, with their emulsion-scratched images, were then macro...

Film for Untitled Viewer

(Joseph Bernard, 1983) 3 min

A traveling-text soliloquy acknowledging an unknown, perceptive audience member with whom I’m sharing this film....

Variant Chants

(Joseph Bernard, 1983) 16 min

This is an often rapid montage of stills and short clips referencing aspects of “set-up” or tabletop filmmaking, as well as my own paintings on glass and 35mm slide photographs....