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Sat, March 29, 7:15pm

Films in Competition 9

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

New experimental and documentary films including Single Stream by Paweł Wojtasik, Toby Lee, and Ernst Karel and recent work by Jim Finn, Shambhavi Kaul, Wojciech Bąkowski,  Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky. 

Artists in attendance: Shambhavi Kaul, Jim Finn, Paweł Wojtasik, Toby Lee, and Ernst Karel

Sponsored by Metro Times

Community Partner:  Chelsea River Gallery

Films Showing:

Encounters with Your Inner Trotsky Child

(Jim Finn, 2013) 21 min

Another chapter in the parallel-leftist-universe of Jim Finn, this video appears to be part of a communist self-help videotape series made in the early 1990's. The series author, Lois Severin,...

Mount Song

(Shambhavi Kaul, 2013) 9 min

A current runs underneath. It creeps under the door, makes its way into the cracks, revealing, obfuscating or breaking as clouds in the sky. Mountain, cave, river, forest and trap...

A Short Organon For The Hero

(Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky, 2012) 14.5 min

A story told through the eyes of a parrot. He alone remembers the metamorphosis of the modern figure of the Anti-Hero Anonymous. The narrative is deconstructed into areas of color,...

Single Stream

(Paweł Wojtasik, Toby Lee, Ernst Karel, 2014) 23 min

Single Stream explores a recycling facility in the Boston area, where hundreds of tons of refuse are sorted daily.  Blurring the line between observation and abstraction, Single Stream plunges the...

Suchy Pion (Dry Standpipe)

(Wojciech Bąkowski, 2012) 13 min

A raw, personal, confessional narration undercuts the abstract images in Polish artist, musician and poet Wojciech Bakowski's interlaced video collage Suchy Pion. Condensing home videos into blocks of abstraction, Bakowski...