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Sat, March 29, 2:59pm

Films in Competition 8

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

New experimental and documentary films including the World Premiere of Lagos Sand Merchants by Karimah Ashadu, Fresno by Leandro Listorti and sound that by Kevin Jerome Everson.

Filmmakers in attendance: Marika Borgeson, Jack Cronin, Margaret Rorison, and Chris Kennedy

Community Partner:  Think Local First

Films Showing:

Eleven Forty Seven

(Marika Borgeson, 2012) 12 min

Granite, metal, conifers, glass, and K-spar crystals....


(Jack Cronin, 2013) 10 min

Rivergarden explores the river as a place of spectacle and reverie....

Lagos Sand Merchants

(Karimah Ashadu, 2013) 9.5 min

Lagos Sand Merchants focuses on a group of ‘Sand Merchants’ on the outskirts of Lagos, arduously trawling the Lagos State Lagoon and unearthing sand deep from the river bed for...


(Margaret Rorison, 2013) 3 min

A document of my extensive walks taken throughout the city of Berlin, during the cold days of April 1-7, 2013. The film is edited in camera and composed of single...


(Leandro Listorti, 2014) 3 min

In Norse mythology, the World Tree Yggdrasil is commonly held to be an ash tree (Fraxinus). The Norsemen had a very peculiar worldview, where space was not unique nor continuous,...

Brimstone Line

(Chris Kennedy, 2013) 10 min

Three grids are placed along the Credit River in rural Ontario. They become devices through which the stationary camera, pointing upstream, delineates the landscape. They motivate the movement of the...

45 7 Broadway

(Tomonari Nishikawa, 2013) 5 min

This is about Times Square, the noises and movements at this most well-known intersection. It was shot on B&W films through color filters, red, green, and blue, then optically printed...


(Pablo MarĂ­n, 2013) 5 min

Fragments of a journey… the geographical exploration merges with little emotional bursts, like panels of a map folded into each other and impossible to separate. A concentration: Berlin, Buenos Aires...

sound that

(Kevin Jerome Everson, 2014) 12 min

Sound That follows employees of the Cleveland Water Department on the hunt for what lies beneath, as they investigate for leaks in the infrastructure in Cuyahoga County, Ohio...


(Kevin Jerome Everson, 2014) 7.5 min

Fe26  follows two gentlemen around the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio and examines the tensions between illegal work –in this case, the stealing of manhole covers and copper piping--and the basic...