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Thu, March 27, 7:15pm

Films in Competition 2

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

Experimental and documentary films including the World Premiere of A Return to The Return to Reason by Sabine Gruffat, Lunar Almanac by Malena Szlam, Starling’s Black Drop, a newly restored print of Chicago Loop (1976) by James Benning and Dot Matrix, a work for two 16mm projectors by Richard Tuohy.

Filmmakers in attendance: Malena Szlam and Richard Tuohy

Sponsored by the University of Michigan Digital Media Commons

Films Showing:

A Return to the Return to Reason

(Sabine Gruffat, 2014) 3 min

A Return to The Return to Reason is a tribute to Man Ray's 1923 film Le Retour à La Raison (A Return to Reason), the first film to use his...

Chicago Loop

(James Benning, 1976) 9 min

In three virtuosic sequences created entirely in-camera, Benning alternates contrary camera movements in a trio of Chicago locations with increasing rapidity to a point where they first fracture and then...

Rode Molen

(Esther Ulrus, 2013) 4 min

Rode Molen (Red Mill) is a research into motion picture printing techniques. The starting point and inspiration for the film are the mill paintings of Piet Mondriaan, especially Rode Molen....

Black Drop

(Simon Starling, 2012) 28 min

Produced in association with Modern Art, Oxford and the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, the film Black Drop unfolds in a 35mm editing suite as an editor tries to bring structure and...

Main Hall

(Philipp Fleischmann, 2013) 5 min

Designed by Josef Maria Olbrich in 1898, the main exhibition hall of the Vienna Secession is generally regarded as one of the first White Cube Spaces of art history. The...

Lagos Island

(Karimah Ashadu, 2012) 5 min

The Camera Wheel Mechanism' engages the viewer in the tension created from its performance - as it is pushed, the camera records in a state of flux while encased within...

Lunar Almanac

(Malena Szlam, 2013) 4 min

Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth....

Dot Matrix

(Richard Touhy, 2013) 16 min

Dot Matrix is dual 16mm  film involving two almost completely overlapping projected images. The ‘dots’ were produced by photogramming shets of dotty paper (used for manga illustrations) directly onto raw...