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Sat, March 29, 9:15pm

“Costa da Morte”

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)

The “Coast of Death”, a region in Galicia, Spain, was considered the end of the world during the Roman period. Lois Patino’s documentary patiently observes the people who inhabit it: the fishermen, loggers, and artisans who maintain both an intimate relationship and an antagonistic battle with this beautiful and vast landscape.

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Educational Partner: University of Michigan Romance Languages and Literatures, Spanish Program

Films Showing:

Canadian Pacific

(David Rimmer, 1974) 10 min

Vancouver harbor with its railyards, mountains and passing ships is a vista in fluid transformation as three winter months are recorded and condensed to ten minutes. "What interested me about...

Costa da Morte

(Lois PatiƱo, 2013) 81 min

"Upon entering men in landscape and landscape in men, the eternal life of Galicia was created" - Castelao Costa da Morte is a region in the northwest of Galicia (Spain),...