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Fri, March 28, 9:30pm

Animated Films in Competition

Michigan Theater (Main Auditorium)

A broad program of contemporary experimental animation from the U.K., Spain, Japan, Poland, and the U.S. featuring the Quay Brother's latest film Unmistaken Hands: Ex Voto F.H.

Sponsored by the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design

Community Partner: WSG Gallery

Films Showing:

Unicorn Blood (Sangre de Unicornio)

(Alberto Vazquez, 2013) 9 min

Two teddy bears go hunting unicorns, their favorite prey. Unicorns have tender flesh and delicious blueberry-flavoured blood which the bears need to stay cute-looking. Trailer...


(Karolina Glusiec, 2012) 6 min

"I always thought I had a perfect memory. I wanted to show these drawings to you." A collection of memories, drawings and loss. Trailer...

Crux Film

(Alexander Stewart, Lilli Carré, 2013) 5 min

Precarious and fluid arrangements constantly interrupt one another in a montage of waiting, anticipating, and transitioning forms. Arrangements of marks and geometric forms are faced with unresolved states. Objects struggle...

Blanket Statement #2: All or Nothing

(Jodie Mack, 2013) 4 min

A quilted call and response. A battle of extreme extremes....

Tropical Depression

(Kelly Sears, 2012) 3 min

Footage from recent hurricanes and the 1931 Miss Universe Contest are collaged into an animated séance that channels Galveston's haunted history....


(Zbigniew Czapla, 2013) 12 min

A story of a sensitive boy, raised by a lonely and hard working mother somewhere in a far province, where life revolves around daily, inveterate habits. The young protagonist is...

Unmistaken Hands: Ex Voto F.H.

(Quay Brothers, 2013) 26 min

Working in the stop-motion puppet animation technique, for which they are best known, this new film by the Quay Brothers is based on the work of Uruguayan writer Felisberto Hernández,...

To Thy Heart (Do Serca Twego)

(Ewa Borysewicz, 2013) 10 min

He was so handsome, with his jet-black hair, standing by the swing. When he smiled, eyes would stand on end. It was schizophrenic – he was so messed up that...

The Great Rabbit

(Atsushi Wada, 2012) 7 min

Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great. We have moved with the time, our thought and consciousness has changed. And yet what makes us still keep...