Zackary Drucker

The disciple of a silenced, ghettoized community, Zackary Drucker, a young transgender artist/performer from Los Angeles, uses a range of creative devices that all strive towards the portrayal of bodily identity, her own and that of others, obsessively infusing visual media—photographs, videos and performance art—with acute, masochistic emotional compulsions. Conceiving, discovering, and manifesting herself as “a woman in the wrong world”, her work is rooted in cultivating and investigating under-recognized aspects of transgender history, locating herself in that history, and communicating her contemporary experience of gender and sexuality. Her work reinvents and redistributes relationships of spectacle-spectator, domesticated-exoticized, dominator-subjugated. Interested in obliterating language obstacles, pulverizing identity disorders and revealing dark subconscious layers of outsider agency, Drucker disarms audiences and uses her body to illicit desire, judgment, and voyeuristic shame from her viewer.

She Gone Rogue

(Zackary DruckerRhys Ernst, 2012)

“Darling” (transgender artist Zackary Drucker) chases a lost love down a rabbit hole and encounters legendary transgender performers Holly Woodlawn, Vaginal Davis and Flawless Sabrina in this fantastical take on...