Shambhavi Kaul

Shambhavi Kaul's cinematic constructions conjure uncanny, science-fictive non-places. Described as creating “zones of compression and dispersion,” her work utilizes strategies of montage and recirculation, inviting an affective response while simultaneously measuring our capacity to know what we encounter. She had exhibited her work worldwide at venues such as the Toronto International Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Ann Arbor Film Festival among others. Shambhavi Kaul was born in Jodhpur, India and currently lives in India and the United States where she teaches at Duke University.

21 Chitrakoot

(Shambhavi Kaul, 2012)

A land, as ancient and ideal as nature, is called up through the chroma-key backdrops of one of the world's most viewed mythological television series. Spectacular images spring forth from...