Maya Erdelyi

Maya Erdelyi creates intricate hand-made animations inspired by imaginary worlds, memories and the subconscious. Her award-winning animations utilize a hybrid approach to cut-paper stop-motion, puppetry, drawn and computer animation. Shown in various film festivals and museums, including the “New Cannonball Blues” music video for TV on the Radio, part of a longer format film nominated for a 2012 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video. Maya is a 2012 MFA graduate in Experimental Animation from CalArts, and is a director through 6PointMedia, a Hollywood Animation Studio. She is currently living in an art gallery in New Orleans.


(Maya Erdelyi, 2012)

Pareidolia is an abstract narrative exploring the landscape/architecture of the body as a container of memories. Layers of stories, dreams and memory fragments are interconnected like muscle fibers. The film...