Mariah Garnett

Mariah Garnett is an experimental filmmaker and artist living and working Los Angeles. Her work seeks to occupy a space between convention and experimentation - or, rather, to experiment with convention. The boundaries of adaptation, documentary and fiction are continually being drawn and re-drawn in her work. A big part of her practice involves finding people or thing out in the world to inhabit for a spell. For the most part, these figures are significant, though many times unknown, players in queer history. These twisted homages go so far as to ingest and regurgitate identities to the point where the maker's motivation is called into question.

Garnett holds an MFA from Calarts in Film/Video and a BA from Brown University in American Civilization. Her work has been screened internationally including the following venues: Venice Biennial (Swiss Offsite Pavillion), Rencontres Internationales (Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Beiruit), Outfest (Los Angeles), Midway Contemporary Art (Minneapolis), Mix NYC, Girl Monster (Hamburg).

Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin

(Mariah Garnett, 2012)

Provocatively mixing fact and fiction in her voiceover, Mariah Garnett’s potent tribute segues from her drag play as 1970s gay sex icon Peter Berlin to beautiful footage that she and...