Lori Felker

Lori chose Filmmaking as her official second language in 2003-ish, bumping German into third place. Eventual fluency is important to her, so she employs many forms/formats, practices frequently with others, and tries not to shy away from expressing her thoughts on behavior, participation, frustration, failure,  and in-eloquence.  Lori has many lives to live simultaneously.  They currently teach/work at SAIC, coordinate and program for the Chicago Underground Film Festival,  make films/videos, project, perform, and compulsively collaborate.   A Wexner Center Artist in Residence and a Fulbright Fellow, her work has screened internationally in festivals, galleries and on television.


BROKEN NEWS 1: Disaster

(Lori Felker, 2012)

Part one in a series. I read the headlines all day.  At night, I recalled what I knew. I went to sleep.  I woke myself up.  I reported the newest...