Jim Supanick

Jim Supanick is a videomaker, writer, and Synthhumper, born in Cleveland, OH, and now living in Brooklyn, NY.  Recent video projects include “Seed Sold Back to the Farmer”, a two-part experimental essay about Taylorism and its legacy, and a re-edited segment of Caspar Stracke’s “Circle’s Short Circuit” (featuring theorist Avital Ronell). His essays on film, video, and visual culture have appeared in such
publications as Film Comment, Millennium Film Journal, The Wire, and The Brooklyn Rail, along with exhibition catalogs and DVD releases. He has received support from NYFA, NYSCA, the Puffin Foundation, and the Experimental Television Center, and is the recipient of a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant.



The Synthhumpers Live Performance

(Jim SupanickJoshua Gen Solondz, 2013)

Alvin Lucier’s The Queen of the South is a form of drawing through the medium of sound, the momentary arrest and exposure of something invisible and ever in flux.  Its...