James Lowne

James Lowne is an artist who lives and works in London. He graduated from the Central Saint Martins in 2000 with a BA in fine art. His work incorporates computer generated imagery, drawing and sound to create figures, objects and text within a shared space, which explore themes of networked social relations in an environment of corporate services, advertising and consumerism. His films have been screened in the UK and Internationally including the British Film Institute, Poplar University Museum, Mexico City, Reading Experimental Film Festival, Wimbledon College of Art, Monash University, Melbourne and the Tate Modern.


Someone behind the door knocks at irregular intervals

(James Lowne, 2010)

Julia spends the day at the leisure centre where she slips into a sombre reverie. As her thoughts continue she becomes aware of the possibility that perhaps she never came...

Our relationships will become radiant

(James Lowne, 2011)

Three narratives unfold together. Inside a vast nature reserve sits a solitary building, a cafe, where an important meeting is being held by executives. Outside in the park, the collective...