Fern Silva

FERN SILVA is an independent filmmaker and video artist based in Chicago where he teaches in the film/video department at University of Illinois—Chicago. Silva’s work has been exhibited at numerous festivals, galleries, and museums. His work emerges out of travel, presenting temporal and spatial transitions as conduits into the realms of the personal and ephemeral. He’s drawn to subjects that defy a national identity or obscurity through myth, folklore, mysticism, or particular rituals. Driven by curiosity and memory, his work reflects the tensions between mystification of the observational and experiential and the realization of moments in time as a form of unification. He received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and MFA from Bard College.


Concrete Parlay

(Fern Silva, 2012)

Carried by the frenetic energy of a magic carpet, Concrete Parlay is a metaphysical flight that weaves among visual kernels of the anthropic and biological worlds. From prehistoric horseshoe crabs...