Emily Hubley

Emily Hubley has made short animated films since 1980. Her first feature film THE TOE TACTIC (2008) screened at a dozenfilm festivals including South by Southwest, New Directors/New Films and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Ms. Hubley provided animation for HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (2001) and, with Jeremiah Dickey, inserts for documentaries WILLIAM KUNSTLER: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE (2008) EVERYTHING’S COOL (2007), THE BOY IN THE BUBBLE (2006) and others. Her film, Delivery Man, won the 1982 Tom Berman Award. She was on the Ann Arbor Jury in 1983 and 2009. Emily lives in South Orange, New Jersey.



(Emily Hubley, 2012)

An artist struggles to navigate the territory between despair and epiphany. He calls upon an inner/outer muse and subtle metamorphoses mirror the poetic discussion that oscillates throughout their debate. With...