Zabriskie Point (Redated)

(Stephen Connolly, 2013, 27.5 min)

Inspired by a visit to Zabriskie Point – a scenic tourist spot in Death Valley, California – this film re-visits and contemporizes Antonioni’s 1970 MGM film of the same name. Aligning with Antonioni's stated intentions – to produce a work as "an idea in landscape" – Zabriskie Point (Redacted) enacts a program of visual and social research for the earlier film at one remove from the dramatic narrative. -SC
I wanted to ‘play the stranger’ with the original film. I've put the story to one side and concentrated on other aspects of the movie - the landscapes, the documentary footage used and the kind of material that was used as research for the work. -SC

Filmmaker in Attendance, North American Premiere, Video

Directed by Stephen Connolly


Saturday, March 23 1:00pm

Films in Competition 5

New works by Ana Vaz, Ben Rivers, and the North American premiere of Stephen Connolly’s Zabriskie Point (Redacted). Program concludes with The United States of America (1975) by Bette Gordon

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)