They Cannot Touch Her

(Katie Barkel, 2012, 5 min)

Neon is the fifth most abundant element in our solar system, but it occurs very rarely on Earth. Despite its rarity here, neon ubiquitously hums, operating with near subtle omnipotence in the western world. Bakeries, strip joints, barber shops, car dealerships. The accelerated pace of 20th century capitalism was accompanied by the spectacular nature and popularity of neon advertising signs. Gas stations, Chinese food, adult film rentals, drive-thru only. Borrowing its name from the score of Taxi Driver, They Cannot Touch Her reminds the passerby of the romance and the residue of antiquated industry and marketing.


Directed by Katie Barkel


Sunday, March 24 11:30am

Regional Competition Program

Recent narrative, experimental and documentary films from Michigan.

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)