The United States of America

(Bette Gordon, James Benning, 1975, 27 min)

A true masterpiece of 70’s cinema, more remarkable today than ever before. A conceptual bicentennial film dealing with spatial and temporal relationships between two travelers, their car, and the geographic, political, and social changes from New York to Los Angeles. The space within each frame is at the same time continuous and elliptical.  -Andrew Lampert

Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from The Andy Washol Foundation for the VIsual Arts and the National Film Preservation Foundation.

This film is not in competition


Directed by Bette Gordon , James Benning


Saturday, March 23 1:00pm

Films in Competition 5

New works by Ana Vaz, Ben Rivers, and the North American premiere of Stephen Connolly’s Zabriskie Point (Redacted). Program concludes with The United States of America (1975) by Bette Gordon

Michigan Theater (Screening Room)